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Sour Lime Sativa Gummies by District Edibles
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over 1 year ago

These were my absolute favorite out of all 18 entries! The gummies were incredibly delicious, super sour as advertised without being coated in citric acid (like most sour candies are). The lime flavor was spot on and out of this world, I did not taste cannabis whatsoever. The texture of these gummies was perfect! I prefer gummies to be a bit more firm than soft and these were just that, firm chewy morsels I couldn't stop myself from eating. I felt an uplifting, productive high as advertised. The packaging was creative and fun, as well as child-resistant (which is important in my opinion). I will be on a hunt for these and I will stock up on them for sure! I can't wait to try the CBD and indica varieties of these as well. Aesthetics/Texture: 5 Aroma/Scent: 5 Taste: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Packaging & Labeling: 5

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