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Discover insights about cannabis products including recommendations for various occasions, reviews, and what's new on the market.

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Compete with the community in trying new cannabis products and unlock exclusive pins along the way.

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Keep track and organize the products you’ve tried to showcase your cannabis experiences.

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Community-powered cannabis ratings, photos, reviews, and more provided on every cannabis product.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the Unrolled app?
The Unrolled app is designed to make it easier for cannabis consumers to log their experience and leave a review on cannabis products.
Is Unrolled a free app?
The Unrolled app is completely free for cannabis consumers and business owners.
How do I review cannabis products on Unrolled?
To review cannabis products on Unrolled you need to download the Unrolled app from the AppStore. Choose the cannabis product for which you wish to leave a review. Rate your cannabis product experience by picking the number of stars you wish to award and an explanation to back up your rating.

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