Assorted Truffles

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Assorted Truffles by Crop Circle Chocolate
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almost 3 years ago

Based on the previous entry I tried from this brand, I was not expecting anything good! This variety pack had me elated, I enjoyed all 5 truffles. Once again, having the cultivator and strain information listed were much appreciated. The Ginger truffle, wow! What an unexpected flavor combination. The taste of natural ginger was not overwhelming and complimented the chocolate very well, I was pleasantly surprised! The Mint truffle was absolutely delightful, one of my favorite flavor combinations in general. Natural mint blended perfectly with creamy, smooth dark chocolate. The dark chocolate wasn't too bitter (like most dark chocolate can be). This one melted me into a minty bliss. The Orange Yuzu Zest truffle had a great chocolate to orange ratio and was quite smooth. I could tell it was made with real orange zest. The Raspberry truffle was on point, the natural Raspberry flavor was quite prominent and I was relieved it wasn't artificial. Paired perfectly with the dark chocolate as well. The Vanilla Hazelnut truffle had subtle, sweet vanilla undertones with a prominent hazelnut afternote (especially with the piece of hazelnut delicately placed on top). It reminded me of amaretto! None of the truffles had a cannabis taste to them whatsoever. Overall these truffles were made well with quality ingredients and I was thoroughly pleased. Aesthetics/Texture: 5 Aroma/Scent: 4 Taste: 5 Effectiveness: 4 Packaging & Labeling: 5

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