Salted Caramel Chews

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Salted Caramel Chews by Cannavore
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over 1 year ago

These caramels were too small and soft for my liking. I was not impressed by the black wax paper in which the caramels were wrapped in, it made them look cheaply made and daunting, although it did go with the aesthetics of the outer package and the caramels did not stick to them. For a salted caramel, I was expecting more of a saltier kiss. I could tell there was *some* sea salt mixed in the caramel but it was lacking a sprinkle of sea salt on the finished product in my opinion. Overall, these caramels looked and tasted like a good, old-fashioned caramel. As for the effects, I felt none after consuming 3 of the suggested servings (3 caramels). I was quite disappointed with these. Aesthetics/Texture: 3 Aroma/Scent: 3 Taste: 3 Effectiveness: 1 Packaging & Labeling: 2

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